Fruit Pulper
The fruit pulper is used in chopping up and size reduction of all soft type fruits and vegetables. Note: Only once all large stones or pips are removed (example mangos). The prepared fruits are placed into the inlet feed hopper where in turn they drop down into the processing chamber. A rotating pulping arm knocks the fruit against an arrangement of blades or shredding fingers (depending on the type of product required). The chopped up (pulped) product is forced through a type of screen and out of the delivery shoot into a collection container. The pulp can be processed further by pasteurization to prolong the shelf life or by further processing in a ?Vera Cruz Fruit Brush Finisher? to extract a thinner juice product; both food processing equipment products are appropriate for commercial juicers and pulpers.
Height 1310 mm
Width 440 mm
Length 1650 mm
Weight 89 kg
KW, HP, Amps 1.5 KW
Power Source 230 or 380 V
Drum Diameter -
Material Stainless Steel food
contact parts
Product Finish Frame powder coated
Capacity Approx. 100-150 kg per
hour depending on
Comes with -