32 Per Time Candle Moulder
Especially as a start up introduction to rural and home based industries, the 32 per time candle moulder is very simple to operate with a minimum of technical knowledge required. 4 moulds each with a capacity of 8 by 65 gram domestic type candle s are mounted onto a steel frame. The moulds are made up of two separate sections so that once parted the candle wick can be easily strung up and down each mould. The 2 parts of the moulds are then connected together and preheated candle wax poured into each mould. Once sufficiently cooled, the moulds are split apart and the finished candles removed and trimmed to size.
Height 638 mm
Width 474 mm
Length 725 mm
Weight 50 kg
KW, HP, Amps -
Power Source -
Drum Diameter -
Material Moulds: Cast Aluminium
Frame: Mild Steel
Product Finish Spray Paint
Capacity 32 Candles approximately
1 hour depending on room
Comes with -