10 Opening Stackable Rabbit Cages Unit
Manufactured for the small to medium scale rabbit breeder. This inexpensive stackable rabbit cage unit has all the features to ensure hygienic and efficient rabbit keeping and can be used as indoor rabbit cages. The unit consist of five cages on a galvanised frame. Each cage has two compartments made from galvanized wire with wire spacing and gauge the most suitable for rabbit housing and their injury free environment. The unit includes feed hoppers and nipple water drinking system. Breeding nest boxes are optional which simply attach to the side of the cage. The complete unit can be extended for big rabbit cages with follower units
Height 1660 mm
Width 1410 mm
Length 1400 mm
Weight 100 kg
KW, HP, Amps -
Power Source -
Drum Diameter -
Material Galvanised Steel
Product Finish Galvanised
Capacity Approx. 25-30
depending on breed
Comes with Feed and Water system