100 Laying hens cage
This laying hens cage is a good starting point for emerging poultry farming or persons wanting to produce smaller quantities of eggs for resale in chicken egg production. It consists of 4 cages each with 5 compartments assembled on a support frame as a 2 tier system. Each compartment of an individual cage can accommodate up to 5 birds depending on bird breed, air temperature control and ventilation within the building. The layer cage system includes simple but effective feed troughs and water drinking nipples system. The 100 bird starter unit can be extended by fitting of 100 bird follower extensions.
Height 1660 mm
Width 200 mm
Length 2400 mm
Weight 92.5 kg
KW, HP, Amps -
Power Source


Drum Diameter -

Galvanised Steel

Product Finish Galvanised
Capacity Max 100 birds
Comes with -