Drum feather plucker
The ideal starting point for a small poultry processing plant owner who wants to move up from the manual hand feather plucking to something faster and less strenuous. The principle of the drum plucker is a horizontal rotating drum with rubber plucker fingers attached to it. The rotating parts are enclosed by a sheet metal cover. A single stunned and scalded bird is held lightly against the drum to remove the feathers and is held alternately by the legs and wings until the whole bird has been de-feathered. Removed feathers fall down into a plastic crate in the base of the plucker cabinet.
Height 1300 mm
Width 625 mm
Length 745 mm
Weight 72 kg
KW, HP, Amps 0.37 KW
Power Source Electric Motor 230 V
Drum Diameter 200 mm
Material Mild Steel
Product Finish Galvanised
Capacity 1 bird per 2 minutes
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