200 Litre Scalding Tank for poultry processing
To complete the poultry processing process, a scalding tank is used in conjunction with the feather plucking operation. The purpose of the unit is a galvanised steel tank which thermostatically heats up water into which the stunned bird is placed prior to plucking. The controlled water temperature (approx 55ºC) loosens the feathers from the bird and prevents damage to the skin whilst proceeding with the feather plucking operation. The water is heated by 2 standard geyser elements with variable temperature controller. Elements in the bottom of the tank are protected by a removable cover. The tank is intended as a companion to the 12 bird stunner bleeder and the tilting bowl plucker.
Height 800 mm
Width 690 mm
Length 11000 mm
Weight 62 kg
KW, HP, Amps 17 Amps
Power Source 230 V
Drum Diameter -
Material Mild Steel
Product Finish Galvanised
Capacity 200l work capacity
Comes with -