1320 Egg Incubator (Automatic)
The capacity of this chicken egg incubator is 1320 eggs in 2 vertical rows of 5 shelves each. This incubator has fully automatic tilting and timing of all 10 shelves during the setting period with isolation of the tilt mechanism applied during the hatching period. Temperature and humidity are digitally controlled by control of electric elements and a steam humidity appliance, Full air circulation is achieved by 4 internal electric fans. The incubator comes equipped with 10 mesh hatching trays and 10 plastic setting trays.
Height 1090 mm
Width 745mm
Length 1085 mm
Weight 145 kg
KW, HP, Amps 2.5 Amps 650 Watts
Power Source 230 V
Drum Diameter -
Material Galvanised Steel
Product Finish Powder coated
Capacity 1320 eggs 21 days
Comes with 20 trays