1056 Egg incubator (combination)
The combination 792/264 chicken egg incubator is manufactured for the persons wishing to set and hatch eggs at the same time within one incubator. It combines 6 x 132 egg setting and 2 x 132 egg hatching trays which can process 264 eggs every 6 days. The incubator is controlled by automatic temperature and humidly control systems and has an automatic tray tilt system with a variable time setting. The cabinet has forced air circulating by four internal fans with insulation material in between. External steel work is finished off with powder coating.
Height 1110 mm
Width 370 mm
Length 1110mm
Weight 125 kg
KW, HP, Amps 4 Amps
Power Source 230 V
Drum Diameter -
Material Galvanised Steel
Product Finish Powder coated
Capacity 660 eggs
Comes with -