660 Egg Incubator (Automatic)
All requirements for successfully setting and hatching of chicken eggs can be accomplished through this egg incubator. The eggs are housed on five shelves each with the capacity of 132 chicken eggs with automatic humidity and temperature control. The tilting of the eggs is achieved by the use of an electric motor with variable timing. Air circulation ensures that the air temperature is constant and heat loss is kept to a minimum by a layer of insulation material.
Height 1090 mm
Width 370 mm
Length 1085 mm
Weight 85 kg
KW, HP, Amps 2.5 Amps
Power Source 230  V
Drum Diameter -
Material Galvanised steel
with polystyrene insulation
Product Finish Powder coated
Capacity 660 eggs in 21 days
Comes with Inspection light