48 Egg Incubator (AutoTilt)
This is an ideal egg incubator from a start off point for the emerging farmer, small holder or as a hobby for an individual wanting to dabble in egg production. The temperature control and tilting systems are handled automatically. Humidity is achieved by the placement of suitable sized water trays within the incubator and measured humidity by use of a hygrometer. Two mesh setting trays of 24 eggs each with 2 plastic hatching trays accommodate the eggs. The angle of tilt and the time between tilts are adjustable. The temperature control is carried out with the ever efficient wafer type thermostat and air circulation is handled by an electric fan. The internal heat is produced by a heating element and a cabinet inspection light is incorporated into the poultry equipment.
Height 288mm
Width 435 mm
Length 450 mm
Weight 16.5 kg
KW, HP, Amps 1 Amp 60 Watts
Power Source 230 V
Drum Diameter -
Material Galvanised Steel
Product Finish Powder coated
Capacity 48 eggs 21 days
Comes with Hygrometer