Boot Washer (sterilizer)
To ensure hygiene and the prevention of the spread of bacteria in the abattoir, it is essential that persons entering or leaving the building clean their waterproof gum boots thoroughly. Sterilizers such as the boot washer fulfil this function. It consists of a steel enclosure into which the person places the foot onto a rail. The washer has a separate holder for soap or disinfectant to scrub the boots by use of a brush. On the inside of the enclosure is a shower spray head which is connected to the water mains for flushing of the footwear with clean water.
Height 500 mm
Width 510 mm
Length 535 mm
Weight 19.8 kg
KW, HP, Amps -
Power Source -
Drum Diameter -
Material Mild Steel
Product Finish Galvanised
Capacity -
Comes with -