Biltong Dryer (box)
This is the smallest food processing unit in our range of dryers and is designed for home use, generally producing approximately 5 kg?s of dried meat (Biltong) in 2 to 3 days depending on the climate. An extraction fan in the roof of the cabinet extracts humid air from within to aid in the drying process. The extracted air is replaced by clean air drawn in through replaceable filtered air vents. Meat is hung from a sliding tray in the top of the biltong dryer with supplied hooks. In times of cold climate conditions, a heating element can be used and is located in the base of the unit below the drip tray.
Height 510 mm
Width 30 mm
Length 40 mm
Weight 8 kg
KW, HP, Amps 1Amp 40 Watts
Power Source 230 Volts
Drum Diameter -
Material Mild Steel 
Product Finish Powder coated
Capacity Approx. 5 kg of meat
every 2 - 3 days
Comes with Tray hooks