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John F Marshall offers a broad spectrum of agricultural products, poultry supplies and equipment and anything else poultry and egg producers would require, including laying hens cages, laying nests, chicken egg incubators, feeders, drinkers and much more. We also manufacture and stock a complete range of poultry farming and fruit and food processing equipment. We are geared to offer turnkey solutions and can offer training and consultancy services. We have developed a wide range of food processing equipment, suitable for rural enterprise schemes as well as commercial ventures.

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John F Marshall poultry equipment includes commercial laying hens cages, nests, chicken egg incubators , poultry hatcheries,  abattoir equipment, brooders, feeders and drinkers.

48 Egg Incubator

48 Egg Incubator

An automatic egg incubator, used for setting and hatching eggs. For entry level businesses or personal egg production use.

65 Egg Manual Incubator

65 Egg Incubator

When using the 65 egg manual incubator one must turn each egg by hand, 3 or 4 times a day for the first 18 days of setting.

Semi Automatic 132 Egg Incubators

132 Egg Incubators

Egg incubator for small or rural projects. Sets and hatches eggs on tilting trays in 21 days.

Automatic 660 Egg Incubator

660 Egg Incubator

Fully automated egg incubator for 132 chicken eggs with automatic humidity and temperature control.

1056 Egg Combination Incubator

1056 Egg incubator

Simultaneous setting and hatching of 1056 eggs. The Chicken egg incubator hatches 264 eggs every 6 days.

Automatic 1320 Egg Incubator

1320 Egg Incubator

Fully automated1320 chicken egg incubator on 5 shelves. Climate and humidity digitally controlled.

200 Litre Chicken Scalding Tank

200 Litre Scalding Tank

Controlled water temperature loosens feathers from stunned chicken preparing bird for plucking in poultry processing.

Galvanised Poultry Feeders

Galvanised Poultry Feeders

Our easy to clean poultry fully galvanised feeders range from 300mm to 1200mm and can be manufactured to your specifications.

Drum Chicken Feather Plucker

Drum Feather Plucker

Poultry processing equipment for small scale automated feather plucker for removing feathers from stunned and scalded bird.

12 Chicken Stunner Bleeder

Stunner Bleeder 12 Bird

As part of poultry processing, the stunner/bleeder can take 800 birds per day. The poultry equipment stuns the chicken which is then inserted in a bleeding cone.

Tilting Bowl Chicken Feather Plucker

Tilting Bowl Feather Plucker

Automatic feather plucker for feather removal of 6-8 birds in the poultry process. Fast and efficient one person operation.

24 Hole Chicken Nest Box

24 Hole Chicken Nest Box

Large to small scale nest box or laying hens cages. 24 holes can house up to 100 free range birds. Easy to clean. For use in commercial chicken egg production process,

100 Chicken Laying Cage

100 Laying Hens Cage

For small scale poultry farming, this two tier layer cage can house up to 100 chickens in a commercial chicken egg production process.

150 Chicken Laying Cage

150 Laying Hens Cage

This metal layer cage for poultry farming accommodates 150 laying hens on three tiers with approx 5 chicken per cage and is used for commercial chicken egg production.

Boot washer & sterilizer

Boot washer (sterilizer)

To help prevent disease in an abattoir, this boot washer / sterilizer comes with an anti-bacteria holder leaving boots clean.

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