Portion Cutter
The portion cutter is for use in the end processing of slaughtered chickens whereby the whole carcass is cut up into smaller individual portions to be repacked for retail. The poultry processing equipment, is basically an electric motor mounted inside a stainless steel box driving a shaft with a 230mm saw blade on the end of it. The cutter has a guide bar around the base of the blade over which the bird is pushed towards the saw blade. The machine also has a safety guard over the top section of the blade. The electric controls incorporate an emergency cut off button. The poultry portion cutter can be operated and placed on top of a firm working surface or on the top of a specially designed support frame. This incorporates shelves with plastic crates for meat storage whilst cutting. (Note: Steel mesh protective gloves must be worn during operation)
Height 425 mm
Width 495 mm
Length 635 mm
Weight 68.5 kg
KW, HP, Amps 0.55 KW
Power Source 230 or 380 V
Drum Diameter -
Material Stainless Steel
Product Finish -
Capacity -
Comes with 230 mm blade