Fruit Brush Finisher
The brush pulper is used to process your soft fruits such as: marula, paw paw, guava, and tomatoes; into various end product sizes & requirements. The rotating brushes move the fruit around the sieve extracting the thinner juice and pulp through the sieve to the outlet shoot leaving the waste materials to be disposed through the waste shoot. Various grades of the end product can be achieved by interchanging the sieve sizes. All surfaces in contact with the fruit are made of food grade stainless steel. This food processing machinery can be used as a commercial juicer and pulper.
Height 1600 mm
Width 460 mm
Length 810 mm
Weight 75 kg
KW, HP, Amps 1.5 KW
Power Source 230 V Electric Motor
Drum Diameter 500 mm
Material Mild Steel/Food Grade
Stainless Steel
Product Finish Powder Coated
Capacity 100kg - 150kg
(depending on product)
Comes with 2 Sieves