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John F Marshall Agriculture and Industry offers a range of products and services aimed at providing solutions for established commercial farming operations, rural self-help schemes, small and micro-enterprises with an emphasis on turnkey solutions.

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John F Marshall Candle making equipment including wax melters , and candle moulds, brick or block making machines (6 per time stock brick to the M6 Hollow block), tombstone moulds and much more.

Heated Chemical Product Mixer/Wax Melter

Heated Chemical Product Mixer/Wax Melter

For mixing anything from wax to polish, from hand lotion to house hold cleaners, this mixer does it effectively with equal heat distribution and mixing paddles.

Candle Moulder

32 Per Time Candle Moulder

Perfect for home business, this easy to use candle moulder makes 32 candles per use.

Brick Maker Machine

Medium Scale block or Cement brick machine

Strong, all round, user friendly block and brick making machine for personal or small scale business use.

Portable Cow Milking Trolley

Portable Cow Milking Trolley

The Portable Cow Milking Trolley machine is Quiet, low cost and easy to maintain. it milks 1 to 2 cows at a time, or 20 cows an hour.

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