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John F Marshall Agriculture and Industry offers a range of products and services aimed at providing solutions for established commercial farming operations, rural self-help schemes, small and micro-enterprises with an emphasis on turnkey solutions.

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John F Marshall agricultural & live stock equipment such as seed planters, rabbit breeding systems and rabbit cages, quail breeding cages, hydroponic tunnels, barb wire and diamond mesh fence making machines.

10 Opening Rabbit Cage

10 Opening Rabbit Cage Unit

Extendable and stackable rabbit cages for rabbit keeping, also for use as indoor rabbit cages. Feeders and water consumption included in design.

Rabbit Nesting Cage

Rabbit Nesting Boxes

Adaptable, hard-wearing rabbit nesting boxes can be added to stackable rabbit cages for breeding.

Manual Seed Planter

Non tillage push type seed planter

Designed for larger seeds, this one person non-tillage seed planter is robust and easy to use. Used as an outdoor planter

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