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John F Marshall Agriculture and Industry offers a range of products and services aimed at providing solutions for established commercial farming operations, rural self-help schemes, small and micro-enterprises with an emphasis on turnkey solutions.

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John F Marshall food processing equipment, bakery equipment, food driers, commercial juicers and pulpers, oil presses for extracting oil from fruits, nuts, peanut roasters, maize mills.

Oil seed press (Electric/Hydraulic)

Oil seed press (Electric/Hydraulic)

For larger operations the electric seed press are available with all the associated equipment such as filters and bottling systems.

Chicken Portion Cutter

Portion Cutter

Poultry Equipment: Electric portion cutter used for portioning slaughtered chickens into smaller sections for retail.

Fruit Brush Pulper / Finisher

Fruit Brush Finisher: Brush Pulper (Fruit)

Medium scale brush pulper finisher for fruit; food processing equipment for soft fruit into various grades of end products.

45 Liter Biltong Dryer

Biltong Dryer (box)

Home biltong box is used to produce 5kgs of biltong in roughly 2-3 days depending on climate.

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