Manual Oil Seed Cold Press
This small scale oil processor was originally designed for the more rural and remote areas of Africa, for self sufficiency. Oil seeds are fed into a hopper above a cage made of steel slats. As the operating lever is lifted up the seeds fall into the cage. When the lever is pulled down a piston inside the cage is forced down and compresses the seed. The pressure created in the cage is adjusted by use of a restrictor located on the waste seed outlet. As the seeds are compressed the oil flows out in between the slats into a collection trough. Different types of seed can be processed using variations of slot spacing .Larger electric/hydraulic models are available with all the associated equipment such as filters. Sunflower, sesame, coconut and marula models are available.
Height1100 mm
Width600 mm
Length710 mm
Weight111 kg
Power SourceManual 2 person
Drum Diameter-
MaterialMild steel
Product FinishSpray paint
CapacityProcess approx 20kg per hour
Comes with-