Oil seed press (Electric/Hydraulic)
This press is suitable for cold pressing a variety of oil seeds, such as sunflower, peanut, coconut, marula, sesame and palm nut. The prepared seeds are loaded into a stainless steel cage and placed onto a base plate in the press frame. A hydraulic cylinder raises the base plate and cage, pressing the seeds against a vertical shaft with a circular end plate which slides inside the cage. The hydraulic cylinder is operated by an electronic driven hydraulic pump. The crushing pressure can be set for various applications. The oil flows out of the slotted holes in the cage into a collection tray. The capacity of the cage is approximately 8 to 10kgs per batch of seeds. The pressing system can also be operated with an optional manual hydraulic pump.
Height1800 mm
Width700 mm
Length1000 mm
Weight500 kg
KW, HP, Amps230 V motor, Hydraulic pump max 70 MPA
Power SourceElectric/Hydraulic
Drum Diameter-
MaterialFrame Mild steel, Food contact surfaces stainless steel
Product Finish-
Capacityapprox 8 - 10kg per 10 ? 15 min
Comes with1 cage