Heated Chemical Product Mixer/Wax Melter
Our John F Marshall mixer is ideal for mixing and blending chemicals. The adjustable temperature ensures you can produce the correct heat for complete and efficient formulas, for example candle waxes, camphor cream, Vaseline, hand lotion, shampoo and polishes. The drum is a double walled stainless steel boiler with an element to heat the water that is stored between the layers. By heating the water, not the chemicals directly, the heat is transferred equally throughout the inner mixing drum. The temperature is controlled by thermostat. On top of the main drum is an electric motor with a long shaft and mixing paddle to ensure chemicals are fully mixed. The mixer can also be used without the heating appliance for mixing cold formulas such as house hold cleaners. The capacity of the drum is 100 litres, large models available on request.
Height1280 mm
Width10.5 mm
Weight65 kg
Motor0.37 kw or 0.55kw
Power SourceElectric
Drum Diameter560mm diameter x 500mm depth
Product Finish-
Comes with-