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John F Marshall Agriculture and Industry offers a range of agricultural products, equipment and services aimed at providing solutions for established commercial farming operations, rural self-help schemes, small and micro-enterprises with an emphasis on turnkey solutions.

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John F Marshall poultry equipment includes commercial laying hens cages, nests, chicken egg incubators , poultry hatcheries,  abattoir equipment, brooders, feeders and drinkers.

1056 Egg Combination Incubator

1056 Egg incubator

Simultaneous setting and hatching of 1056 eggs. The Chicken egg incubator hatches 264 eggs every 6 days.

JFM Chicken Stunner & Bleeder

Stunner Bleeder

As part of poultry processing, the stunner/bleeder can take 800 birds per day. The poultry equipment stuns the chicken which is then inserted in a bleeding cone.

semi automatic 132 egg incubator

132 Egg Incubators

Egg incubator for small or rural projects. Sets and hatches eggs on tilting trays in 21 days.

150 Bird Egg Layer Cage

150 Laying Hens Cage

This metal layer cage for poultry farming accommodates 150 laying hens on three tiers with approx 5 chicken per cage and is used for commercial chicken egg production.

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